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General Program Information
The Rotary Club of Charlotte-Shelburne, Vermont – part of Rotary District 7850 – helps coordinate the Hands to Honduras project. The program continues the hard work done along the Atlántida coast of Honduras over the past few years.

The Hands to Honduras Tela Program is a partnership program bringing together North American and Honduran communities to provide educational, technical, cultural, and humanitarian assistance to the Atlántida coastal region.

The programs include projects in many possible formats:

  • Full or partial funding for projects built and carried out by local Honduran labor with locally-obtained materials.
  • Full or partially funded projects combining local work forces with North American volunteers in side-by-side working partnership.
  • Technical growth opportunities for individuals and professionals to help solve pressing community problems.



Local communities in the Atlántida region are asked to identify projects which are most needed to improve the educational, technical, or cultural opportunities for their populations. The intent is to seek the projects that could be concentrated in rural villages and small towns, though projects in larger towns are considered.



Projects become the responsibility Projects become the responsibility of the of the local community leaders for completion and coordination. Local communities commit to the start and finish of each project with the provision that if successfully completed, staffed (such as with the provision of a teacher to a new school), and maintained, Hands to Honduras Tela will entertain a new project for that community in the following year. The long term goal is to ensure that every project includes local accountability for sustainable building/project operation and maintenance.


Projects which allow for side-by-side work with North American volunteers receive priority in selection. The Hands to Honduras Tela program coordinates volunteer help during the project. In this way, the program provides North American volunteers with an opportunity to work alongside willing and participating Honduran locals.

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