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2009 Projects

2009 Vermont-Hands to Honduras-Tela Program Accomplishments

83 volunteers


Some of the 2009 H2H-T projects: Clean water in schools; Construction of classrooms; Pediatric clinics


H2H-T Team of two EMT’s trained the Tela firefighters in the proper use and care of the ambulance donated by St. Michael’s College (shipped to Tela by H2H-T). The week’s training included full maintenance of the ambulance, setting up radio communication with the hospital, and driver training competition. A formal ambulance dedication ceremony was held at the Tela firehouse with the Mayor, the firefighters, police, H2H-T and many community leaders.



H2H-T helped to initiate and coordinate a 9 1 1 system for Tela’s Police Dept., Fire Dept., Red Cross, Hospital, Homeland Security, and the Mayor’s office. The objectives were to establish a centralized 911 Emergency Service and to improve the emergency services and overall security for Tela. H2H-T provided refurbished base radio systems and portable radios which will allow communication during emergency situations.

The request to H2H-T from the Tela police department this year was for 10 pair of handcuffs and 15 mag flashlights. Next year, the request is the “3 B’s” – belts, boots and bullet proof vests.


JAZMIN SCHOOL – 70 Students
KITCHEN: Constructed a 14’ x 9’ kitchen and patio at this very poor rural school. H2H-T purchased the appliances – sink, refrigerator and a heavy duty Honduran stove. The kitchen will provide the daily meal for the children. H2H-T purchased all cooking equipment – pots, pans, utensils, plate ware and cups. The H2H-T carpentry construction team constructed a kitchen work table, kitchen shelves, two large picnic tables and benches for the children.

LATRINES: Refurbished two existing bathrooms by installing new piping, valves, tanks, toilets, sinks, and faucets. Constructed, painted and installed new bathroom doors. Repaired and replaced 10 feet of pipe that drained into the existing septic tank.

Installed conduit and electrical cable from meter to building.

CLEAN WATER: Installed water into the new school kitchen. Installed new valves and 150 feet of 1" PVC piping from the main water line. The water line now enters the new kitchen and is connected to a new "Ultra Violet" water purification system (installed for use within the kitchen for cooking, as well as for washing of dishes, pots and pans). This purified water system also is connected to new sinks for student’s hand washing and new drinking water fountains.

PAINTING: Painted the classrooms that were built previously by H2H-T.

MURAL PAINTING: At Principal Julia's request, H2H-T repeated one mural completed last year (pandas and butterflies) on a classroom wall, where it is used to teach colors and directions to the children. Julia chose an underwater reef scene for the outside with corals and fish in vivid colors. On another classroom, H2H-T creatively painted a mural of a parrot and a toucan on a palm tree.

DOUBLE CLASSROOM CONSTRUCTION: This school was brought to our attention by the Tela Mayor. A shed was being used as a classroom in this very poor area. H2H-T constructed a large double classroom for the school. This project demanded heavy construction work – cement blocks, rebar, etc... The community members were always available and eager to assist the H2H-T volunteers.

The physical structure of the classroom and roof are in the final stages of completion. The installation of the "UV Water Purification System" to provide the school with clean drinking water will occur once all construction is completed.

RENOVATION ADMINISTRATION BUILDING - RENOVATION: H2H-T completed a renovation of the small administration building for this overpopulated school – the building was basically falling down. The renovation included a new roof, new windows, doors, lights, and cement porch and complete painting of this building.

SCHOOL PAINTING: This exterior of the school, classrooms and window bars were painted by the H2H-T team. There was support by the community.

CLEAN WATER: The "UV Water Purification System" is in process of being installed. H2H-T installed a 1700 liter water cistern along with a special water pump to provide the proper pressure for the entire school. The purified water will provide clean water for drinking and cleaning purposes.

CLEAN WATER: This school has contaminated city water, so H2H-T installed a new "UV Water Purification System" to provide the school with clean water. This included installing piping, fixtures, and two new sinks on the north wall of the Library for the students to wash their hands and/or to drink water. Once we can obtain some standard drinking fountains, they will also be installed near these new outside sinks.



IHNFA DAY CARE – 70 children, with addition - up to 120 children
CONSTRUCTION OF TWO ROOMS: H2H-T constructed two classrooms, approximately 45’ x 24’. This addition will allow the center to add 60 additional students to their program. Some windows were removed from older portions of the facility, cleaned and then reused in the new classrooms.

CLEAN WATER: IHNFA only had contaminated city water into the kitchen area and also to an outside sink, so H2H-T installed new piping and valves to provide water for the entire facility, including all existing bathrooms, showers and sinks within the building. New piping, fixtures, and faucets were also installed in the bathrooms to make them operational. The "UV Water Purification System" was installed for use in the kitchen as well as the rest of the building. H2H-T installed a large 1700 liter cistern and a special water pump to provide the proper water pressure. This new UV system will allow purified water for cooking purposes and clean drinking water.

CAMPO ELVIR DAY CARE – 45 children
CONSTRUCTION OF LATRINES: This day care for poor single mothers is in a very mountainous area of Tela and very difficult to reach by vehicle! H2H-T refurbished the old latrine and constructed a new concrete latrine. New toilets were also installed.


CARPENTRY CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MAINTENANCE: The carpentry construction team secured a large therapy mat to a wall. Three shelves with cubbies were constructed and installed in the storage closet. Fans were repaired and replaced in the staff room, waiting area and interview room. Electrical work included - rewiring and replacing the plugs to meet building codes.

FENCE PAINTING: The security fence surrounding the Center was painted by H2H-T volunteers.

TRAINING: The Rehab team described this year’s visit as most successful. The Center staff has matured and has made much progress with the children and adults. H2H-T volunteers included four physical therapists and three occupational therapists that worked tirelessly treating the special needs children and provided training for the Honduran team of therapists and assistants.

SALARIES: H2H-T continues to assist with the salaries of the Honduran physical therapists and other staff to make the center sustainable and successful.

CLEAN WATER: H2H-T installed a ultra-violet system with a large filter – the installation included a hot water tank, water heater, pump and plumbing hardware and associated distribution requirements.

This system provides the center with hot and cold clean running water that gives the staff the ability to start a wound care program in a modest hydrotherapy environment for the patients.


The H2H-T dental teams provided dental services at San Juan Puebla (about 50 minutes from Tela) and Puerto Arturo Centro de Salud, San Aleja Palm Plantation and the Rehab Therapies Center.

The team, supervised by a Honduran dentist, included two H2H-T dentists and one dental assistant, several assistants and translators. The teams treated over 500 patients and performed extractions, fluoride treatments and provided dental education. The make-shift dental clinics were set up (using movable dental chairs donated by H2H-T) in classrooms, on a cement porch, and in small rooms. The patients were most appreciative of the care given – even leaving with smiles after extractions!

The H2H-T pediatric team, under the supervision of the physician who oversees all of the health centers in Tela, consisted of a pediatrician, child psychiatrist and family physician (and translators). The team provided pediatric examinations and treatment at the Puerto Arturo Centro de Salud, IHNFA Day Care Center and the Rehab Therapies Center. The team also toured the new hospital and through exploration found how to make a difference and help the children of Tela. Most of the children treated suffered from presumed parasites and ear infections. The team worked in very small, crowded, hot and non-ventilated rooms, with mothers with children waiting for hours to be seen.

The Women’s Health team (five nurse practitioners, Dr. A and four translators) provided six consecutive days of clinics to test for cervical cancer (and necessary follow up) and conduct breast exams. They worked where the need was the greatest and poverty was at its highest - in very crowded, hot and non-ventilated rooms in two Garifuna communities and two Centro de Salud clinics in Tela. Over 315 women were seen and treated; and without these clinics, many cancers would not have been detected.
A specialized cervical cancer screening instrument - a colposcope (purchased at a cost of $1900 – by an anonymous donor and H2H-T) was gifted to the overseeing Dr. of the Women’s Health Clinic. Dr. A was trained in its use by H2H-T and agreed to help train other doctors in his district whom he supervises, and offer ongoing colposcopy services in Tela.


The Brothers Brothers Foundation offered H2H-T 32 pounds of medicine for antiviral, high blood pressure, antibiotics, heartburn, antifungal, diabetes, ibuprofen, etc. etc. Surgical instruments were also provided. All of these items were hand carried to Tela and donated to all of the Tela health centers, the Puerto Arturo clinic, IHNFA Day Care, the Rehabilitation Therapies Center and the nursing home.

H2H-T donated hundreds of pounds of clothing; shoes; school and office supplies; toys; sports equipment; fire fighter equipment and supplies; medical equipment; medicines; vitamins; sewing equipment; kitchen utensils and supplies; rehabilitation supplies and equipment; tools; computers; toiletries…. to medical centers, rehab therapies center, hospital, fire department, nursing home, schools, families and children.

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